MSME Registration for business

MSME Registration for business

MSME is the country's backbone. It supports and contributes to the country's socio-economic growth. MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises. According to the MSME government, micro-small medium-sized enterprises cover 95% (ninety-five percent) of the Indian industry, 50 percent (fifty percent) of exports and imports of products, and 45 percent (forty-five percent) of jobs.

The Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises in India regulates MSMEs and is also required to be registered under the MSME or Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Growth Act, 2006.

Benefits of MSME registration

  • The broad-ranging benefits are the reason why registration of MSMEs is appealing. Here are the Government of India's registration incentives for MSME.
  • Bank loans at lower interest rates than regular loans would be made available to MSME-registered companies. At an interest rate as low as 1 percent to 1.5 percent, loans may be used.
  • MSME certificate holders can enjoy a tax exemption under the MSME Act.

  • Priority is given to MSME-registered companies for government-issued licenses and certificates.

  • The costs of patenting and business set-up decrease after being approved under MSME, thanks to different rebates and discounts.

  • Several government tenders are only awarded to MSME-registered firms.

  • Rapid credit entry is granted to an MSME.

Udyam Registration Process

  1. Visit the portal of Udyam Registration.

  2. Fill in all the information on the UDYAM certificate registration form. Ensure the correct entry of all the data.

  3. Make an online payment for your Udyam Registration process.

  4. One of the representative officials handles your Udyam registration process.

  5. Within 1-2 working hours, you will obtain your Udyam registration certificate at your registered email address.

With us now enrolled as a Udyam and taking advantage of the Udyam government's numerous benefits. If you face any problems while filling out the Udyam registration form you can contact us at or call us at +917996071222.
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